Step 1


The operational sustainability assessment & external impact chart

The Levo framework is the result of years of research, teamwork, and learning from other experts. Levo is the only assessment tool for startups that looks at two different, but equally important aspects: Operational Sustainability and External Impact.

In our Operational Sustainability Assessment (OSA), we use tailored to the realities of startup life to assess to what extent your business operations are in line with recognized sustainability standards. The framework helps you understand if you are using and handling resources - physical or human - in a responsible way.

With our External Impact Chart (EIC), we help you understand the effects your products and services have on your customers, users, society, and the planet. These could be positive and negative, intended and unintended, direct and indirect. Our assessment is based on the – from this, you’ll be able to link your startups’ outputs and outcomes to the SDGs, and determine indicators for measuring future success.

Step 2


Goal setting

We believe sustainability isn’t just a tick-box exercise, it’s a continuous improvement journey – one which we take together. We will help you understand the status quo in order to develop a strategy which will future proof your company. Based on an , which can easily be integrated into your existing management systems, we’ll help you set ambitious and realistic goals for improving both your operational sustainability and external impact.

Step 3


Review your progress

Tracking your sustainability isn’t a one-off thing. Every year, you’ll go through a monitoring process so you can look back at what you have achieved and assess your progress against your objectives. You can do this on your own or sign up for a monitoring session with us – together we can learn from your experiences, discuss challenges you have faced, and assess the best way to move forward.